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EC-Getty Villa

For my extra credit I went to the Getty Villa with some classmates. I absolutely loved the Getty Villa! It was astonishingly beautiful. I personally have always loved Greek and Roman architecture and style so it was seriously a dream to be able to walk around and see all of it.

The first piece I wanted to talk about was a Greek helmet. It was made in South Italy 350-300 B.C. and it is made of bronze. In the description it says that based on the elaborate decoration that it was probably only used for ceremonies versus battles. I really liked this piece because I’m currently in Greek Mythology so this reminded me of a helmet I had seen on one of the gods in that class. The time that must have been put into making this helmet must have been a lot. There is such detail in this; it just shows me how the Greeks lived.

The second piece I chose was a Roman Cremation Chest. It is made out of marble and pigment. The description says that people were typically cremated in the first century A.D. versus being buried. The flower and bird motifs on it represent fertility and rebirth. The reason I chose this piece was because it was beautiful. When I walked past it I stopped because of its aesthetic pleasure, I honestly had no idea that it was a cremation chest.

So some differences would obviously be that the first one is a helmet and the second one is a cremation chest. Also they are made out of different materials; bronze versus marble. And the last major difference is that the helmet is Greek and the cremation chest is Roman.

Now the similarities were really important to me. First of all no matter how many differences that there are between these pieces, they are both AMAZING pieces of art. Both of these pieces are so intricate and have so much detail. A lot of time must have been spent on these. The main thing I kept thinking about was how this represents how the Greeks and Romans lived. In my Greek mythology class we learned about the gods and goddesses and something that was prevalent was the fact that the people of that time live very extravagantly. I feel like both of these pieces truly represent that. For ceremonies the Greeks had beautifully crafted helmets; each detail on the helmet had an explanation. As for the cremation chest, I loved how the Romans treated their dead with such honor. They didn’t just bury them in the ground or burn them and throw it away, but they made intricately detailed cremation chests and everyone in the family would have one and they were placed near the family tombstone. To me that is just truly amazing. In both cases, they went to extreme measures to create something to beautiful. The last reason I really loved these was because it showed that a piece of art does not have to be a painting or sculpture, a piece of art can be something useful and practical; everyday items.

I’m very glad that I went to the Getty Villa! Now I can say I’ve been to both of the Getty sites.

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I did my initials, a flower, a sunset, and a little mickey. I did the base of the flower with the purple and then Kathleen and I worked on the details of it (outlining, etc.).